Wash, Soften & Style 4c Natural Hair With Entwine Moisture Mask & Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap

Having type 4c natural hair can be difficult. Wash day creates some time consuming challenges and finding the right products is a task. I’m starting to believe that’s why many black women don’t wash their hair often. I actually look forward to wash day for two reasons. I have an easy regimen coupled with excellent products, so I don’t cringe when the time comes. Wash day also makes my scalp feel refreshed. As a loyal and satisfied customer, I go out of my way to rave about Entwine. Why? It’s very simple. I share what I love most to help keep my favorite products on the market and to help others find products that could work for them. Essentially, I share what I’d like to see more of.  Today, I will discuss how a typical wash day is for me and I will briefly discuss  Entwine Naturalle Couture’s relatively new EXOTICA Deep + Penetrating Moisture Masque and my oh so wonderful Hot Head Microwaveable Deep Conditioning Heat Cap.

How I wash my hair:

I begin by rinsing my hair so that it is easy for me to apply my shampoo.Using an applicator, I dilute one ounce of my {ACT 1}Lathering Hair Bathe (shampoo) and another ounce of {ACT 2} Creme Hair Rinse (conditioner) in two ounces of water and apply it primarily to the roots and scalp so that the mixture works its way to the ends as I lather. Although this shampoo is not stripping at all, the combination of shampoo and conditioner saves a step, leaves my hair feeling softer and my scalp feeling moisturized. I rinse again and towel dry my hair. The moisture masque packet has enough product for a full application, so I just apply it to my hair. I avoid my scalp and focus on my hair.I heat the Hot Head deep conditioning cap in the microwave for one minute on each side, and an additional 30 seconds. I put a plastic cap on my head and then put the Hot Head over it. I steam this way for about 15-20 minutes. The masque rinses out easily and does not leave a film on my hair. I use very little of my Entwine {AFRODISIA 9} Exotique Leave-In Hair Potion and {TOTAL PERFECTION} 100% Raw + Vegan Argan Oil and put it in a high puff using my knee-high stocking. That’s how I wash my 4c natural hair. I sometimes twist, bantu knot or roll my hair right after washing, but I decided to let my hair dry and then do something about it later. I never detangle or comb my hair unless I plan on styling it a specific way. The high puff is like a modified wash and go for me. For a visual of wash day, be sure to watch my video:

MasqueAbout The EXOTICA Deep + Penetrating Moisture Masque:

The mask has Passion Fruit Oil and Tucuma Butter in it. There are many promises, but the most important thing is that it is “A naturalle-couture approach to restoring, strengthening & beautifying ultra-dry, fragile & slow-growing tresses” and over time will “enhance integrity, texture & easier styling. Plus, healthy growth, strength & less future damage.” My initial reaction was that the product had a light, fresh fragrance. It’s something that you want your hair to smell like. It also rinsed out really well. There was no film and my hair felt really soft. I think the packet has the perfect amount of product for my hair and I applaud Entwine for that because I don’t have to figure out how much to use and I don’t have to taint the product in my deep conditioner jar because there is no jar. This is genius.




About The Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap:

I like steaming my hair and I like putting a cap over it so that I can steam while I go. This cap is amazing. Both sides can be used on your head. When you tap the cap, it will sound like there is sand in there. It also feels that way. All you do is pop it in the microwave for a minute on each side and then add additional time as needed. Put a shower cap over your head and then use the Hot Head. The resulting softness is nothing short of amazing. I’ve used it with multiple products and my hair felt great each time. I generally deep condition for 15-20 minutes and it is still warm when I’m done. I will definitely steam for a longer period of time next time.


At some point, I will give proper reviews of these products as well as the entire Entwine Naturalle Couture product line, but I really love to use products for months on end before actually discussing them. I want no detail to be spared. 

What are some of your wash day products, habits, tips or tricks? Let me know in the comments below.

  • Ana

    Do you ever wash your hair in the shower? If so, is there a difference in technique between in the shower versus over the bathtub? (i.e. tilting your head dowards and sectioning if you choose to)