Straight “Crochet Braids” Invisible Closure With Azure Edgestick & Remy Blue Hair

I was sent some hair to review and decided that I would do a sew-in with a crochet braid leave-out. I have never done crochet braids on straight hair, but I was up for a challenge. The hair that I was sent is Remy Blue hair. I did a simple braid pattern that isolated my part that I would later use to crochet my hair. The objective was to get a decent looking part while keeping all of my hair covered. I began installing the hair and stopped once I got to my part. I knew that it wouldn’t be as easy as the knot-free technique that I am accustomed to, so I decided to try the bobby pin method. This failed miserably. At this point, I was desperate and unwilling to remove the hair that was already installed. I pulled out a latch hook and decided to try something a little different from traditional crochet braids.

1. I put the tool under my braid and went approximately one inch away from the part.

2. I separated the surrounding hair and grabbed a little section.

3. I put the section into the latch hook and pulled through.

Sounds easy, right? Unfortunately, the hair would not just fall into place. After unsuccessfully attempting to correct that with my flat iron, I grabbed my Azure Edgestick that was lying around. I bought it in October during a promotional period and hoped to use it on my natural hair, but that never happened. The Edgestick was able to train my hair and make it lie in the direction of my choosing. All you have to do is bear it down towards the roots and pull the loose hair upward. Hold that position for a few seconds and then bring the Edgestick down you hair shaft. Instant success. I was pleased with the performance and I look forward to seeing what else this tool is capable of. As far as my technique goes, I see some room for improvement. It is much faster to do this than do a closure and I think that the more that I practice, the better I will be. Watch the YouTube video for the full picture.

Remy BlueI will be doing more with the Remy Blue hair. There currently is a buy 2 get 1 free promotion on this hair with the code “REMYBLUE.” Visit Ladybug Skin for the deal.