Heatless Spiral Curls In 4c Natural Hair: Soft Hair Spools


SpooliesThis is so cool. I was on the internet minding everybody’s business but my own and discovered soft hair spools. They are a dupe of old school rollers in the shape of a spool. Naturally, I took to YouTube to hunt for tutorials. I din’t see anything convincing, but I was fascinated, so I bought a pack to experiment with before committing to buying enough for a full head. I purchased mine from Miles Kimball on ebay and they cost me $5.00 for a pack of 24 rollers. They currently are out of stock according to their website. They were pretty idiot proof, but applying too much force can damage them.


Here’s What I Did:

1. Grab a small section of hair (mine was stretched using the African Hair Threading Technique) and apply your styling product of choice. I used my Entwine Naturalle Couture Creme Jelle Styler. You want a small section because a large section will not allow the spoolie to close and forcing it will only damage your roller.

2. Roll your hair and drive the tail end of the spool through to help close it with ease. It will look like a vented spaceship. Flapping the vented end alone might lead to breaking the spool. The setting process was three hours long and I used about seven packs of rollers.

3. Air dry overnight if you are in a warm climate. I suggest using a hood dryer since my hair didn’t dry fully as a result of bad weather.

4. You may open them then remove them like a traditional roller or you can simply roll it out of your head.

5. Because my hair didn’t dry completely, I bobby pined the back and let the front look pretty.


1. Relax, you can sleep comfortably in these rollers.

2. Their spaceship design makes them space savers, so you can really pack them into your head.

3. They are vented to allow air flow for proper drying.

4. The curls that did dry were perfect and they fall gradually, but still look cute after a few days.


1. They are kind of flimsy, so you really have to be careful or you could break them. I don’t see them lasting a very long time.

2. They are perfect for short hair. If you have medium length to long hair, you will have to use tiny sections and it will take forever. Soon, my hair will be too long for them.

3. I was only able to find small ones. I would love to have larger curls because these work well.

Watch them in action here:


Spools Spools side Spools Front Spools Defined