Cici Vs. Cora: Short Fall-Ready Wigs By Model Model

Model Model sent me two very colorful wigs in the mail. I have a history of shying away from color and detailed cuts because they may appear to be too intense and cause me to feel uncomfortable. Do you remember the blonde wig incident?  I’m still trying to forget. I don’t know if they wanted a review or if they wanted me to play with them, either way, I was in the mood to try something new. I also don’t have any wigs in my stash, so I wasn’t complaining. Both are assymetrical synthetic wigs with a black base and a pop of color at the bangs. My first impression on both of the unit was “wow, look at how far synthetic wigs have come.” These wigs look like human hair. Cora has a golden brown hue and Cici has ha fiery red gradient of color. Both frame my face well and fit comfortably. The wig cap construction is very basic with only adjustable straps. There are no comb attachments.


First up is Cora. She’s a very edgy unit with a slight bump. She is full of volume when you first remove her from the packaging. The fibers are very light and will easily fly from place to place with ease. For this reason, she is very difficult to tame. After a few days, you should get the hang of her, but using heat may speed up the taming process. The beautiful thing about her is that she looks like virgin hair in person.



Cici is chic and very well behaved. She appears to be weighed down and resistant to blowing in the wind. She has gorgeous large curls that frame my face well and give life to her fiery hue. The color is trapped in a dark ombré to reverse ombré process, giving it a flawless, fluid finish. This is definitely a color job worth trying at home.

I have thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with these units because these are styles that I have never used before and the colors are outside my comfort zone. I look forward to experimenting with them more in the future and seeing what styles I can come up with when I finally do put heat on them. Stay tuned for a proper review and update and be sure to watch my video for additional details.