No Heat Quick, Large Curls On Natural Hair

I’ve been up to no good again. A few months ago, I experimented with bubble wrap rollers on my hair. My results were nothing short of amazing. I essentially rolled bubble wrap and used it to curl my 4c hair from scratch. I never anticipated how amazing my firt-time results would be and I couldn’t help but wonder if the curls would look just as good if I made them larger. I decided to go ahead and do a large set as a challenge. I really didn’t have time to stretch or curl my hair and I wanted bigger curls. Here’s what I did:
1. I used my Entwine Naturalle Couture Creme Jelle Styler and Argan Oil to moisturize and seal my hair.
2. I cut a bubble wrap section approximately 3.5 inches wide to create my roller. I rolled the bubble wrap with the bubbles facing inward so that I could have a smooth set.
3. I rolled my hair and secured it with a bobby pin. This process took an hour and fifteen minutes. I dried my hair overnight and that took 11 hours. There really is nothing much to it. My previous bubble wrap style was featured on and Amanda did a fantastic job describing the process. I think it would be a great idea to check it out.

I claim yet another win in the name of Entwine. You ladies know I’ve been loving on these products since earlier this year and I’m not letting go.

Many of you were wondering if the bubble wrap made noise or was difficult to sleep in. The answer is no. I never heard it make any noise and the bubbles did not pop. I did feel like I was sleeping on pillows, so I didn’t have to toss and turn all night in the name of beauty.

What is your favorite curling routine?

Photos & Video:

Bubble Wrap - Front Bubble Wrap Back 1 Bubble Wrap Back 2 Bubble Wrap Back 3 Bubble Wrap Set Close up

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  • Grow! Growing! Grown?

    Hello Lulu. I love that I stumbled upon your youtube page and website. I love your hair texture and I think we have the same. Your tutorials are so helpful, and I recently cut my hair last November so I am excited to see the progress and also try out different styles. Bubble wrap is def on my try list once I am off my current protective style. You’ve gained a new subscriber! 🙂 Dumsy (