How To Pack Light – ONE PURSE, Two Nights, 10 Travel Tips

Packing light is so convenient for those of us who don’t want to worry about baggage fees, checking in, or possibly losing our luggage. It’s also a practical thing to do if you’re only going to be away overnight or for the weekend. I packed everything from clothes to makeup in my Teddy Blake handbag. I recently had a trip to Washington, DC and I didn’t want the fuss that comes along with packing too many items. The more items you take along with you, the more items you have to account for before you return…especially if they are expensive. I can think of several better ways to pass time. Here are 10 travel tips and a video that will help you on your next adventure.

1. Use Ziploc bags – Ziploc bags make it easy for you to plan your outfits. You can put everything that you need for one outfit in one bag. Also, they are great when you want to keep dirty items away from clean items or makeup away from clothes.
2. Pack a dress – It seems silly, but a dress saves space, looks great at dinner, and counts as a complete outfit.
3. Are you scheming? Make it a point to have the same color scheme with your outfits so that way you can wear the same coat, shoes, or jeans with everything. I try to wear fitted blue jeans on the first day. Jeans can be worn every day and you can just change the top since tops don’t take up much space. If it’s cold, wear the same coat or jacket every day. Make sure these pieces match all your outfits. These are things you will never have to worry about packing because you’re wearing them. Also, keep it simple.
4. Carry an extra shirt or two – An extra top, sweater, or blouse will help give the illusion of a complete outfit change and if your jeans can go from dressy to casual, even BETTER!
5. Wrinkle-free is the way to be – Try to select clothing that does mot attract wrinkles. Most hotels have irons, but very few irons actually work like your tricked out steam iron at home. I had a photo shoot in New York last year, and stayed at Row NYC Hotel. Needless to say, I spent entirely too much time ironing that morning. The iron was old and needed to be let go. You don’t need that kind of stress, not on a work-related trip…not on any kind of trip.
6. Cute, comfy flats matter – I always have flats with me when I travel. They can go to work, dinner and even sightseeing with you. The best part is you don’t have to carry additional shoes if all your outfits follow the same general look.
7. Never forget makeup essentials – My basic selfie-ready makeup goes as follows: face primer, under eye concealer, soft matte foundation, pressed or loose setting powder, eye shadow, eyeliner (doubles as a lip liner), mascara, ONE lipstick, lip balm, tweezers, and essential brushes. These don’t take up too much room as seen in the video above.
8. Toiletries & extra undies – Bar soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, brush/comb, hair products (if needed), lotion, face lotion (optional), deodorant (NOT optional), perfume. I personally prefer using SCENTBIRD for my perfume because they bottle up any perfume you want in a small, stylish tube for cheap. Never forget your personal hygiene and always carry extra underwear. Bras can be worn for two or three days, so you don’t need extras unless you have an accident or a complicated top. Try to keep is simple.
9. CASH IS KING! – Not everyone takes credit cards. For short trips, I usually carry $100 for food and essentials in addition to my credit card. You can take more or less depending on your needs, but don’t keep all your money in the same place.
10. Wear a watch – Your phone can die, get lost, etc. Not every location has a place where you can easily just look up and tell time. It also makes you look like you have your entire adult life together. Watches are also stylish, but don’t draw too much attention. You don’t want people looking at your jewelry and knowing that you’re far away from home. Be safe.

Here are my top 10 tips. I have plenty more, but these are the essentials and everything else is extra. Remember, If you pack everything in a purse, then you wont have to pack a purse and if you forget something, you can buy it where you’re going.

Safe travels, xo.