Fluffy Twist & Style With HerGivenHair

I am in love with this new 4b/c kinky textured weave and I am feeling myself. It’s like it’s my own; from the texture to the stubbornness. Even my coworkers and random people swear it’s all me. I was advised not to tell people it’s a weave, but I’ve never cared about disclosing the details about my hair. I recently had the opportunity to test extensions from a new company called HerGivenHair. The hair is not for sale as of yet, but it will be next month. I used two bundles of hair (16 & 18 inches) to do a a two part versatile sew-in, wore it in an Afro and loved how well it complimented my texture. I do have a third bundle of 16 inch hair, but it will be used to create clip-in extensions. I decided to do a fluffy twist-out and style with a deep side part simply because I’ve been wearing a ‘fro so long that the older generations are having memories of the ’60s. I wanted to add a touch of class and sophistication to my look.

Here’s what I did:

1. I sectioned my hair in large sections, applied my Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk and proceeded to finger detangle my hair.

2. Next, I twisted my hair by twirling one strand around one finger, overlapping the other strand on the first and repeating.

3. After allowing my hair to dry overnight, I removed and separated my twists to get some fluffy, elongated, textured locks.

4. I created a two strand twist on the right side of my head, pulled it back and secured it with a bobby pin.

5. I created a side bang on the left side of my head and pinned it down.


That’s all there is to it. I think this is a nice, simple hairstyle for your natural hair or your extensions. I can’t wait to practice and see what else I can do with this hair, so stay tuned.

Check out the video below to see how I did it.

Stay tuned for more pictures of my fabulous new hair.

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