Flower Fishtail Bun On 4c Natural Hair (VIDEO)

It’s getting cooler, so wearing our hair in loose styles can be a gamble. Low-manipulation hairstyles don’t have to be boring. Here’s a quick, elegant natural hair tutorial for the holidays. This is a flower and fishtail bun that I did on stretched 4C Natural Hair. As always, I stretch my hair using the African Hair Threading Technique.

❥❥❥Here’s what I did:
1. Start on stretched hair.
2. Make a part on the right side of your head from your temple going back to the middle. Do the same on the left side.
3. Make a 1x 1 inch square section right below your left part at the temple and Bantu knot it for later.
4. Create a rectangular section between the two parts ( it should go back approximately one inch) and bantu knot it for later.
5. Separate the front and the back of your hair by parting from ear to ear. Now you have three sections in the front and one in the back.
6. Loosely Fishtail braid the front sections by overlapping one piece of hair over another. It’s like two strand braids.
7. Grab all your loose hair and tie it in the back using thread or whatever you usually use.
8. Pin curl your hair into a flower/ fluffy pinwheel.
9. Loosen the small bantu knot on the left side of your head, single strand twist it and pin it close to the bun. Tuck any loose ends.
10. Loosen the larger bantu knot int the middle, double strand twist it, place it in the right part and pin it close to the bun. Tuck any loose ends.

Watch the video here: