Curling Hack : When You Don’t Have Enough Rollers : Heatless Flexi rods On 4c Natural Hair

I don’t know about you, but I just can’t afford 60-100 flexi rods for the perfect, bouncy, scarecrow looking flexi rod set. I always wondered how some people manage to sleep in them. I want to try different kinds of rollers and flexi rods have been on my list for a while, so I came up with a quick hack to get yummy curls on my 4c natural hair and sleep comfortably with only 16 rollers used.

1. Annie Soft Twist Rollers/ Flexirods- The blue ones:
2. Aphogee Style and Wrap Mousse:×46/
3. Entwine Couture Creme Jelle’
4. Ampro Shine-N-Jam Silk Edges Edge Control:

I literally curled my hair in a row of small sections. I curled four small sections on one roller and closed it like a regular flexi rod. This methods allows you to have smooth roots and defined, separated curls when you remove the roller. I slept in them overnight and removed them the next morning. The video above gives all the details.

How do you do flexi rods?