Edgestick Giveaway


Hi everyone. Today, I will be giving away an edgestick by Azure Professional. The tool lays your hard-to-get edges down and also helped me smooth my straight extensions when I did my mock crochet braids. I will do a proper review of the product when I announce the winner, but for now, you may see it in action here:


How to Win:

Comment below letting me know what products you liked in 2014 and what is on your wishlist. Winner will be chosen in 2 weeks.

Enter for a chance to win on YouTube:

  • Shamira Davis

    I think that the most thing on my wish list this year would be the Shea Butter mixed . I really want to try it this year.
    I found that this year water was my go to . Even though its really not a product but it kept my hair soft and moisturized

  • Shamira Davis

    2014 favorite :creme of natural edge control
    2015 wish list :Keracare leave in conditioner

  • Rose Bud

    I’ve really found that spritzing some water in my hair before going to bed help keep it soft and moisturize so I’m experimenting with that

  • Rose Bud

    This year I to try out all natural products as well as methods for styling my hair. I want to avoid using too much heat and unnecessary products

  • Shamira Davis

    Also in 2014 my favorite styling tool was a wide tooth comb although I didn’t use it much it still was great when I did. In I haven’t deep condition my hair since it’s been natural and would have too so my 2015 wish list would be good products for deep conditioning

  • Star Williams

    my wishlist is this edgestick, my fav products are olive and avocado oil, wild growth hair oil, pantene co wash, and bentonite clay mixed with acv olive oil and honey as a pre-poo. Fav tools are the wet brush and wet shampoo brush along with my denman boar bristle brush.

  • Shamira Davis

    2015 wish list:hair retention
    2014 favorite product : Argon Oil curling define

  • Shamira Davis

    2015 wish list :mixed chick products
    2014 favorite product : Argon Oil jam

  • Shamira Davis

    2015 wish list : great regimen
    2014 favorite product: Coconut milk leave in

  • Shamira Davis

    2015 wish list : natural clip in extensions
    2014 favorite product: Coconut oil edge control

    • Shamira Davis

      Although neither of the edge control worked as good that one worked better and I liked it way better than the other ones

  • Shamira Davis

    2015 wish list : It works hair ,skin and nails vitamins

    2014 favorite products: Argon Oil by Morocco heat protection oil ( I had to flat iron my leave out )

  • Shamira Davis

    2015 wish list : Hair steamer
    2014 favorite product: when I used it I loved it (Jamaican black castor oil)

  • Shamira Davis

    2015 wish list : Quality Flat Iron
    2014 favorite products: Shea Moisture shampoo

  • Shamira Davis

    2015 wish list : Coconut Oil
    2014 favorite products: Shea Moisture conditioner

  • LadyStephM

    Love kinky curly Knot today leave in and even bodyworks peppermint and tea tree oil shampoo. I would love big chop hair clip ins and a quality flat iron

  • Shamira Davis

    My hair wish this year is to have a better regimen . I will like to to have healthier and stronger hair . In 2014 I’ve went through many many great and some were horrible . I liked Argon treatment oil and this year I would love to try coconut oil in my new regimen

  • Shamira Davis

    In 2014 I also used hairfinity . I saw a good amount of growth within 2 months. This year I will like to retain length and try a few new products.

  • My hair wish list for 2015 is to create a hair regimen that supports my workout schedule. I run and enjoy swimming. As for my favorite products in 2014: Kurly Klips, Cantu curling cream, Eco styling gel, Shea Moisture styling milk, Suave Coconut Conditioner and Black Castro Oil. These items made caring for my natural hair a breeze last year. Hopefully they will continue to do the same in 2015.

  • Rose Bud

    This year I’m trying natural DIYs for a total body moisturization. I’m using Shea butter and coconut oil in conjunction with other oils to make my own creams and moisturizers for my face and hair.

  • Rose Bud

    My top things for 2014 are supplements and healthy eating and working out. I Used biotin and one a days and it really helped my hair grow longer!

  • Shamira Davis

    My top thing on my wish list is a hair steamer and a babyliss steam flat iron . My favorite 2014 hair product was purplecollection( a local natural products company on instrgram) The products made my hair feel so soft and healthy.

  • Shamira Davis

    In 2014 I had some go to and get away products . One of my go to products that I loved to use was the Argon Oil from Morocco leave in conditioner . A get away product as I called it would be the olive miracle silly smooth edge control . It was so greasy and my edges where not on fleek

  • Shamira Davis

    One of my favorite products in 2014 was Argon Oil from Morocco shampoo /conditioner . My hair wish list is to have stronger /healthier 4c natural hair . On my 2015 list would be Shea moisture .

  • YourBelovedPandora .

    One of my favorite products for 2014 was whipped shea butter. My hair wish list is less single strand knots

  • Robyn Winrow

    One of my 2014 favorites would have to be Jam. This has always been one of my go to product for my edges. On my 2015 list would be “Kinky Curl not today”

  • Jasmine Banks

    My favorite products of 2014 would have to be Jamaican black castor oil and coconut oil

  • Katrina Page

    My favorite product in 2014 was the Design Essential Edge Control. My wish list includes a really good flat iron and of course the Edgestick.

  • Kelly Hill

    My favorite products are camille rose almond jai twisting butter, tree naturals deep conditioner, bee mine’s deja’s hair milk and moisture cream, and lotta body’s setting lotion. My wishlist: blueroze okra curling cream and Tree Naturals shea butter.

  • Tomeka Watkins

    The top item on my wish list right now is a hair steamer. My top product for 2014 was Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

  • 2014 Hair Favorites: coconut oil

  • 2014 Hair Favorites: kinky curly knot today

  • 2014 Hair Favorites: uriomma’s whipped shea butter with aloe vera

  • 2014 Hair Favorites: hello hydration conditioner

  • 2014 Hair Favorites: hello hydration shampoo

  • 14 Hair Favorites: Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Leave-in Treatment, 8.5 Ounce

  • 2015 Hair wishlist: roux porosity control conditioner

  • 2015 Hair wishlist: rpgshow kenya moore wig

  • 2015 Hair wishlist: roux porosity control shampo

  • Guest

    2015 Hair wishlist: roux porosity control shampoo

  • Tamera Warner

    My favorite product is shea moisture raw shea deep condition

  • lucia

    My favourite product was twist defining cream of course! 🙂

  • Taniqua Russ

    My favorite product of 2014 was Sukin nourishing conditioner (from TJ Maxx). It’s organic and i love it! I’m really wishing for some SheaMoisture products and bentonite clay for 2015

  • Kiara

    One of my favorite products of 2014 was As I Am leave in conditioner and twist defining cream. On my wishlist for 2015 is Camille Rose Naturals and Alikay Naturals.

  • Robyn Winrow

    One of my favorite products of 2014 would definitely be “hicks edge control”! It helped me slick down my edges and my hair didn’t frizz up as fast as the other edge controls that I’ve purchased in the past.