I Curled My Hair With Edge Control? Flawless By Gabrielle Union

Two weeks after I flat ironed my hair with FLAWLESS by Gabrielle Union products, I still had some stretch and I wanted to keep it that way. I mean, it feels good to glide your fingers across your scalp without worrying about the “kinky resistance.” The product line does not cater to heatless hairstyles, so I used what I had to create a hair curling cream. By mixing their edge control gel, blow dry cream and oil treatment, I was able to curl my hair beautifully while avoiding dryness.

I used my favorite hair curlers; spoolies, to curl my hair and I absolutely loved my results. Plus my hair smelled like heaven. I look forward to seeing what Gabrielle Union comes up with next. Hopefully, we can have a full line of products to fit more needs.