DIY Crochet Braid Ponytail With A Top Knot Bun: FX Senegalese Twist Hair

I felt a little experimental and wanted a big ponytail with a BUN! I went to my local beauty supply store and bought two packets of Femi Collection’s Senegalese Twist Braid Hair because I wanted some big, long hair. This hair is coarse like Marley Hair, so if you want softer hair, definitely pick something like Afrelle hair or whatever matches your texture. I also have a tutorial.

1. Femi Collection Senegalese Twist Braid 80 inches 100% Kanekalon Xpression (Color 1 & 2)

2. Crochet Latch Hook

3. High Strength Black 875 Yard Hair Weaving Thread

4. Red by Kiss Ceramic 1875 Ionic Blow Dryer

5. Gorilla Snot gel

6. Hair scarf and ponytail holders.