Curly Mohawk / Frohawk With Spoolies

I recently had the opportunity to try out some Spoolies® hair curlers and got some amazing curls with rollers – and they were easy to sleep in! The curlers are shaped like a spool with a conical head and are made of 100% pure hypoallergenic silicone that makes them flexible, yet durable and come in three colors: playful pink, black shadow and hello glow. The idea is to wrap your hair around the cylindrical portion of the roller and invert the conical head to secure your hair. Using them, you can create curls that are anywhere from  3/4-inch to 1½-inch depending on how well your hair curls, how small your sections are and how long you allow your hair to set.

I’ve used them twice and have found that you can roll your hair two ways to produce two types of curls:

  1. For casual curls, start at the ends of your hair, roll towards the roots and fold the top of your roller over your hair.Bear in mind that if your sections are too large, you will not be able to close the roller.
  2. To achieve spiral curls, start as close to your roots as possible and wrap your hair around the roller, be sure to smooth the ends of your hair and then rotate your roller as close to your scalp as possible before closing it.

The greatest benefit with these rollers is that they are vented. The conical head has pores that, once inverted, allow air to to aid in drying process. I’ve let my hair dry overnight and sat under a hood dryer on low heat for an hour. Both times, my hair was able to dry and produce some good looking curls. This is definitely a win when it comes to styling my 4c Natural hair.

To Achieve the curly Mohawk look, I did the following:

  1. Curl my hair using the second method and my Rajeeyah Sweet Naturals Mango Kiwi Curl Cream.
  2. Grab a banana clip and secure as much hair in the back as possible.
  3. Bobby pin the remainder of the hair in a Mohawk-like fashion.


It’s that easy. be sure to check out my tutorial for details on the look and a Spoolies giveaway: