TotallyTwisted Chunky Updo On Stretched Natural Hair

I’m here with another holiday hair idea. This time, we’re doing a totally twisted updo.  Some of you want ed to know more about the updo that I did, so I recreated it. I’m actually amazed by the fact that I was able to because it is incredibly difficult for me to recreate looks. It’s presentation and picture season, so we need all the help we can get. If you have a school/ work presentation coming up or even an event to attend, you might want to try this style. I used my Entwine products to stretch my hair with African Hair Threading before actually styling it, but I’m sure this can be done on unstretched hair as well.

          I parted my hair down the middle, parted it from the middle to my ear and did  one flat twit. I followed by creating two individual twists beside it. I created a row of three individual twists with one behind each one from the first row.

          I gathered all of the twists to the side, creating a pompadour of sorts, and pinned them down. It helps to twist them around each other as you go.

          Using my knee-high stocking, I was able to put the remainder of my hair in a high puff.

          To stick to the “twisted theme,” I grabbed sections of my hair, coiled them as if I was making bantu knots and then pinned them down to create a semi-convoluted pin wheel bun.

That’s all I did. The entire look took me about under ten minutes to do and can be easily reproduced, as you can see. It’s an excellent quick day to night, low-manipulation style to consider for the cooler months. I will dabble in curls again, because I simply love them, but  I will stick to sculpted styles for now. What are some of your favorite twisted ‘dos?


Photos & Video:

Twisted Bun Front 1 Twisted Bun Front 2 Twisted Bun Right Side Twisted Bun Top Twisted Bun Left Side