How To Turn Crochet Braids Into A Weave? Perfect For Faux Locs, Twists & Curls.

There I was crocheting a blanket for my friend with some brand new pre-twisted hair sitting in a box waiting for me to install it. A few minutes passed and I was already getting bored. Before I knew it, I was crocheting my twists into the blanket. I’ve made wefts using crochet braids before, but I never actually thought to crochet my hair into a weft. Over the next few days, I experimented with locs and bohemian curly hair as well. Averaging 35 minutes to an hour for a full head of wefts, this new method would definitely save some time and make my hair last longer. Let’s go over the process:

Hair Used:

Freetress Crochet Braid Pre-Twisted Flashy Curl: 9 packs in the color TTDKPU
Bohemian Curl 18”, Motown Tress 3X PRE-LOOPED Handmade Kanekalon Crochet Braid: 3 packs in the color 2
Urban Beauty Naturall Crochet Loop Goddess Faux Locs Braid 12″: 10 packs, 8 in the color 1B, 2 in the color 1B/350

The Pattern:

If you read crochet, this is the pattern that I used:

Ch 1 * insert hook into braid, YO and draw through braid, YO and draw through 2 lps on hook, ch2, rep from * across to ch2 until you have your desired length

You don’t have to chain twice. That’s just for spacing so that the braids can have a nice density and you avoid using too much hair. How much you chain in between is totally up to you.

What’s The Point?

1. I decided that since faux locs, twists and curly hair tend to get messy faster than straight or braided hair, I want to be able to install the hair without accidentally snagging it with my latch hook.
2. It only takes 35 minutes to an hour to actually make the wefts for 7-8 packs of hair followed by an hour or two to install when I’m taking my time.
3. I can install the hair evenly and easily remove it to reuse it later or turn it into a wig.

I have enjoyed experimenting with this new method. I’ve made half wigs and done a sew-in. It’s definitely a time saver that I will be taking advantage of in the future. Who knows, maybe I’ll debut it using box braids next time.

DIY Crochet Braid Ponytail With A Top Knot Bun: FX Senegalese Twist Hair

I felt a little experimental and wanted a big ponytail with a BUN! I went to my local beauty supply store and bought two packets of Femi Collection’s Senegalese Twist Braid Hair because I wanted some big, long hair. This hair is coarse like Marley Hair, so if you want softer hair, definitely pick something like Afrelle hair or whatever matches your texture. I also have a tutorial.

1. Femi Collection Senegalese Twist Braid 80 inches 100% Kanekalon Xpression (Color 1 & 2)

2. Crochet Latch Hook

3. High Strength Black 875 Yard Hair Weaving Thread

4. Red by Kiss Ceramic 1875 Ionic Blow Dryer

5. Gorilla Snot gel

6. Hair scarf and ponytail holders.