Henna Dye Vs. Chebe Powder For Longer, Stronger 4c Natural Hair

During my transition to natural hair, I relied heavily on Henna treatments to give me some manageability. I have since reduced my treatments, but if my hair feels coarse, I pull out some Henna, protein or clay of some sort to get it back on track.

Many African tribes use some sort of powder or clay for styling, protection from the elements, and hair growth. I was recently introduced to Chebe Powder and was excited to use it since it reminded me of a treatment; Musila, that women from my tribe use. Musila is similar to Himba clay.

I decided to compare Chebe Powder and Henna Dye since they are very similar and Chebe powder has become increasingly popular in recent months. Both products are supposed to help grow and strengthen natural hair, but I liked my Chebe experience more. An update will follow. I also used my LuxeOrganix Cowash and Deep Conditioner to help keep my hair feeling hydrated. I will track my progress, but let’s compare the two.


Although the two smell similar, they do have different ingredients based on plants that are native to each region. The lists of ingredients are as follows


Origin: Chad, Africa

Ingredients: Lavender Croton, Prunus Mahaleb, Reisin, Clove, Gum Arabic, Vegetable Oil, Perfume.



Origin: India, Asia

Purpose: Promotes hair growth, darkens, and conditions hair

Ingredients: Natural mehndi, Amla, Brahmi, Bhringraj, Polysaccharides.


Although, I have done slightly different things, here are the instructions.


Directions: Take 100 grams of your favorite cream, mix with 100 grams of oil of your choice and add a teaspoon of Chebe Powder. The first step is to get the hair wet using regular water and alternate between the hair grease mix that you just made and the Chebe Powder until hair is fully saturated. Then re-braid the hair and once that braid is done, wet the hair again with water. Repeat that routine every 3 to 5 days. Do not put on the scalp.

  • Please do not put on the scalp. Also, using a cream makes it easier to apply than simply using oil.


Directions: Pour into glass or plastic bowl. Pour hot water or tea to facilitate dye release. Add oil for softness. Wait 2-3 hours for dye to release. Wear gloves and apply to your hair. Keep in for a least 3 hours.

  • You can wash your hair before hand and also use a deep conditioner after. This helps with softness.


Although, I have had good experiences with both products, there are notable similarities and differences.


  1. Smell: They smell similar, but they do have a faint difference.
  2. Easy Detangling: I have had an easier time detangling my hair after using both products.
  3. Clarifying: Although both are used in the prescence of oil, I did notice that washign them out with a shampoo made my hair feel cleaner than most pre-poo treatments.
  4. Texture: They have finer powders and thicker flakes.


  1. Preparation Time: Chebe powder is ready to use immediately after mixing, whereas Henna requires a few hours for the dye to release.
  2. Treatment Time: Both can be used for an average of 3-4 hours, but Chebe can be kept in the hair for a week at a time in braids or twists while you protective style. Henna typically requires only a few hours to a day. The maximum time required depends solely on the user, but an overnight treatment would be ideal for those who simply don’t have the time.
  3. Consistency: Henna has a smooth consistency once mixed, and Chebe is more grainy.
  4. Dye vs. No Dye: Henna does have a reddish natural dye in it. This makes hair appear to be more vibrant, but will affect your ability to color it in the future. Chebe has no dye, so if you enjoy experimenting with color, you still have options.
  5. Curl Loosening: Regular use of Henna can alter your natural curl pattern due to the weight that the dye adds when it’s impregnated into your hair shaft. Chebe powder does not have a curl loosening effect. Some people may want a looser texture while others, want to keep their kinks, curls and coils intact. Frequency of application is up to you and the loosening effect in not permanent. Henna does fade over time.
  6. Degree of Messiness: Nobody wants to have to buy new clothes or furniture as a result of a hair treatment. both Henna and Chebe are messy during the application process, but Henna stains skin, fabric, and fixtures, whereas Chebe just leaves oil. If you use either one, go in the bathroom, but also make sure to take extra care with Henna as it can easily stain the things you love.
  7. Dryness: Even with oil, Henna is drying on my hair, but Chebe is not.


I have had good experiences with both products, but Chebe powder is the clear winner. It’s quicker to apply and I can choose to flat twist my hair and wear a wig until I’m ready to remove it. I don’t have to spend more than two hours doing the treatment and I can split my time up based on my schedule. Also, my hair feels significantly softer than it does after a Henna treatment. While Henna has saved my hair from detangling struggles, it does have a dye in it as well as curl loosening properties. Dryness can be fixed with other products, but I have no interest in coloring my hair or changing its natural pattern. I may do Henna treatments every once in a while, but Chebe powder treatments will be part of my bi-monthly routine.




3D Cubic Twist Crochet Braids Ombre Vs Highlights & Giveaway

Crochet braids have come a long way and I was looking to experiment with the new Cubic Twist hair. The hair is by Isis and it’s called the Afri-Naptural Cubic Twist Split Twist Crochet Braid hair. It’s from Elevate styles.

  Vivica A Fox Horseshoe Cormrow Cap; size medium. Afri Naptural Cubic Twist 3D Split Twist Crochet Braid from Elevate Styles. Color OM30 OM27

I was unsure of how the four strand twists would look on my head, so I opted to unravel them before making my first wig. I made a wig using the ombre hair color #OM30 because I’ve always been tempted to try ombre hair. I also had a few highlights of the color #OM27. The #OM30 color seems to start as a dark brown and end as a tangerine blonde so I thought it would be a nice color match on my dark skin. After 8 packets of hair; some of which I ended up removing, I ended up with this look.

It looks okay, but it’s a little loud for my taste. I used the Vivica A Fox cornrow express horseshoe cap with silicon to make this unit and it was a little large, so I will be using a size small instead of medium next time.

Afri Naptural Cubic Twist 3D Split Twist Crochet Braid colors #OM30 #2 unravelledhuman braiding hair

Next, I went ahead and made another wig, this time using the Freetress Premium Crochet Wig Cap by Shake-N-Go. I just installed the hair approximately 2 inches apart to avoid too much thickness. Three packets of the color #2 and one of the color #OM30 were used so that i could have highlights. The fact that the top of the #OM30 hair was dark made it blend nicley with the darker hair so there wouldn’t be a sharp contrast. I ended up with a more flattering look and a pop of color.

To install the crochet braids, just slide your latch hook through the eye of the braid, slide the hook under a section on your cap, place the end of the hair in the hook, close the latch and slide through. Bring the twists closer where you want your part and I have a full tutorial below showing you exactly how I did it.

You can also win 6 packets of this hair in my giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway

I love this hair and never anticipated that it would look so amazing bot twisted and unraveled.

4c Twisted Holiday Hair Updo (Snake in a Bun) Shea Moisture Products

The holidays are upon us and we don’t have time. I decided to hit my 4c natural beauties with a quick hairstyle for your hair when it’s a mess. Yes, you can achieve greatness on old hair. I went ahead and did a 5 minute updo that I like to call a snake in a bun because I have twists that appear to wind, twist and weave through my hair like there is a snake travelling in my head. It’s a fun, textured high bun for the winter.

What I Used:

1. Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Hold & Shine Moisture Mist.
2. Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curling Gel Souffle.
3. Knee high stocking from Walmart

What I Did:

1. I sprayed my hair with the moisture mist. I love using this mist to add some moisture to my hair without drenching it.
2. I parted my hair going back one inch and sectioned it going down to my ear.
3. I used my Curling Gel Souffle to add a flexible hold to my hair.
4. I tied my hair up and slightly to the left with my knee high stocking, creating a high, side puff.
5. I unraveled my original section and separated it in two.
6. I two strand twisted the bottom half and pinned the twist to my puff. This served as the origin of the “snake.”
7. I twirled the remaining hair and pinned it to my puff as well.
8. I created five two strand twists within the puff.
9. I pin curled my hair to create a high, side bun. I made sure the twists were showing so that it would look like they were really one big convoluted snake travelling throughout my hair.

That’s all there is. Check out the pictures and video below.


It really looks like there is a snake travelling on the last two pictures. Happy Holidays. xo

4c natural holiday updo 2 4c natural holiday updo 1 4c natural holiday updo 4 4c natural holiday updo 3

5 Flat Iron Curl Ideas

Happy New Year beautiful people. I will be showing you five ways to curl your extensions or real hair with flat irons. These are some easy curls, waves, corkscrews and kinks. I did this on my lace closure wig that I just recently made. I have a video tutorial on each look. If you would like to see me do any of these on a full head, please let me know.


Products used:

Hair: EvaWigs Silky Virgin Chinese loose wave hair 16″, 18“, 20 & 14lace closure 

Flat Iron: Irresistible me Diamond Hair Styler.

3/16” Round Wooden Dowels that can be purchased at your local Walmart or crafts store.

Heat Protection Spray: CHI 44 Iron Guard.

1. (00:08) Traditional Curl – On a small section of hair, clamp the flat iron down, rotate it 360 degrees and rotate it slowly as you go down.
2. (00:42) Bantu Knot – Make a bantu knot in your hair and pass the flat iron over it for some wild curls.
3. (01:40) Kinky Curl – Get a round wooden dowel that is 3/16 inches in diameter, wrap your hair around it and then pass the flat iron over your hair.
4. (02:24) S- Curl – Tape two dowels together, pass your hair in between the two, wrap it around a dowel, back to the middle, around the other and keep alternating until the hair is wrapped. Pass the flat iron over it.
5. (03:39) Tight Spiral Curl – Grab the dowels that are taped together and wrap your hair around them. Pass the flat iron over your hair and you will get a curling wand effect.

Who would have know that a flat iron could help you produce such pretty curls?


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Fastest Weave Removal? Ez Out Weave Review

I recently heard about Ez Out Weave. It is supposed to be a revolutionary way of removing your extensions in minutes and without hair loss. The general idea is that a solution that consists primarily of n-Butyl Acetate essentially causes the bonds in their rubbery weaving thread to break, so that we do not have to cut our thread the traditional way. No scissors, no hair loss, no problem. I saw the video demonstration and thought it sounded like a pretty cool idea, so I tried it out for myself. I attempted to use the product despite having seen very little information about it online. Here is what I found:

1. It works: The Ez Out Weave method works as described. I demonstrated that in my video and the thread snapped with very little pressure.

2. What is the mechanism? The makers of Ez Out Weave pitch a one-two-snap mechanism that I am not particularly fond of. They sell how easy it is to use the products, but not how safe, or how exactly it works. What is the pH balance of the solution? What exactly does it do to the thread to weaken it? Why must I be sure that my hair will not be damaged? As someone who has spent her fair share of time in a lab, I like to see someone answer these questions. It makes you appear more genuine. Right now, I feel like they are hiding something or simply don’t feel that certain information does not need to be disclosed.

3. No need for the solution: I really don’t see the point in using a solution to snap the thread when it’s flimsy anyway. I was able to snap the thread easily and painlessly. This is not high strength thread. I have rubber bands that are more difficult to snap. All I would need to do is slide my finger between the weave and the braid and snap the thread. Also the n-Butyl Acetate solution is primarily used to make things like nail polish. It smells like Acetone. I don’t want to put that in my hair if I don’t have to. 

4. Incoherent instructions: The instructions brought out the worst in me. I really wanted to know what to do, but reading them only confused me further. I essentially felt like I was reading gibberish. They threw me for a loop and only managed to frustrate me.

5. Ez Out, but not so Ez In: The splitting of the thread was a piece of cake, but the install requires some finesse. The splitting of the thread was a piece of cake, but the install requires some finesse. I had the worst time trying to thread my hair. It was too big for the needle. I literally had to chew the ends so that they could be compressed enough for the thread to slide through. The threading was difficult and the stitching is as well. The thread stretches, so it is technically more that what meets the eye. Unfortunately, it also catches. It doesn’t glide smoothly like my thread does. I also accidentally snapped it when I tried to tie it off. This thread is flimsy, so I really don’t understand how it is supposed to be so great.

6. Time wasted installing: In order to install this thread flawlessly, you would have to take more time than you normally would. You would have to take more care not to break the thread. If I’m taking more time installing, then what does it matter if the removal is just a few minutes? It just makes up for all the time that I wasted putting my weave in. 

7. Limited options: If you think you are going to stitch through the tracks to close your weave or make your invisible part, you are sadly mistaken. We all know wefts are thicker these days and we sometimes seal them to fortify them. Once you get your needle through, you could easily snap the thread because of the force being used. 

8. Price matters: For $19.95, you get a single use kit. That kit is hardly enough for a full head and I refuse to call it affordable. Let’s be honest. I am African and according to my standard, $19.95 is what I expect to spend on a large spool of thread similar to the one that you can get from Sallys for $7.99. Nobody wants to spend 20 dollars on a product that doesn’t blow them away.

9. Information overload: I think there is too much writing on the site. They give us lots of information with no relevance. They cited an eHow article, discussed irrelevant cancer research and we still don’t know how to use this product. They need to be able to communicate coherently, stick to the topic at hand and help us understand before our eyes glaze over. 

For me, the cons outweigh the pros. I have to admit that my knowledge of this product is limited due to a lack of resources. I am no professional. I am a regular consumer who does her own hair. Many of us do not see stylists, so we need detailed information that any person can understand. A detailed instructional video would be great as well. I really hope that I can see more with this product combination in the future. I have many questions that need answering and I want to hear more from the company. I will ask questions based on my experience and try this again. I know that I can figure it out if it is indeed a good product, but lack of adequate resources is my greatest problem. For now, it’s a no.

Have you tried Ez Out Weave? How do you like it? Watch my video review below: