Big Chop Crochet Braids

I never did the big chop because I believed that my head and forehead were too big for it. I also was undecided about being natural until a little over a year after I began my transition. Isis Hair recently sent me some of their newest hair to review and it’s called Afri-Naptural Definition Braid. I initially wanted to try a braided style, but I cannot braid well enough. I eventually decided on a short crochet braiding style to see what I was missing.

Hair Specs:

Company – Isis Hair

Name – Afri-Naptural Definition Braid

Length – 30″

Texture – Soft, Kinky Straight,  Kanekalon Fibers

I’ve seen many women do tutorials on crochet braiding wigs and I thought it would be a good idea to make one so that I can have an easier time shaping the hair and I could make sure that I had an even distribution of hair.

Here’s How I Did It:

1. To get my kinky curl pattern, I wrapped a small section of the hair around a round wooden dowel and dipped it in boiling hot water for 20 seconds. I used two packs of hair.

2. Because the hair is 30 inches long, I cut each section in half prior to crocheting. This helped me have more hair to crochet and less work to do in terms of curling the hair.

3. Using a Latch Hook from my local beauty supply store, I crocheted the hair onto a mesh wig cap. I didn’t knot the hair, I just looped it once because the kinky texture gave extra security.

4. Once I was done with the wig, I put it on and left my perimeter braid out in the very front. I crocheted some hair onto that braid so that the wig’s band would be concealed.

5. I left out approximately two inches of my edges above my ear for blending.

6. I trimmed the sides a little more than the top and got a beautifully shaped Teeny Weeny Afro.

That’s all I did. I think it’s a nice protective style and I am really loving it on me. I do have a video on the look, so be sure to check it out for more detail.

Pictures & Video:


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