4c Twisted Holiday Hair Updo (Snake in a Bun) Shea Moisture Products

The holidays are upon us and we don’t have time. I decided to hit my 4c natural beauties with a quick hairstyle for your hair when it’s a mess. Yes, you can achieve greatness on old hair. I went ahead and did a 5 minute updo that I like to call a snake in a bun because I have twists that appear to wind, twist and weave through my hair like there is a snake travelling in my head. It’s a fun, textured high bun for the winter.

What I Used:

1. Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Hold & Shine Moisture Mist.
2. Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curling Gel Souffle.
3. Knee high stocking from Walmart

What I Did:

1. I sprayed my hair with the moisture mist. I love using this mist to add some moisture to my hair without drenching it.
2. I parted my hair going back one inch and sectioned it going down to my ear.
3. I used my Curling Gel Souffle to add a flexible hold to my hair.
4. I tied my hair up and slightly to the left with my knee high stocking, creating a high, side puff.
5. I unraveled my original section and separated it in two.
6. I two strand twisted the bottom half and pinned the twist to my puff. This served as the origin of the “snake.”
7. I twirled the remaining hair and pinned it to my puff as well.
8. I created five two strand twists within the puff.
9. I pin curled my hair to create a high, side bun. I made sure the twists were showing so that it would look like they were really one big convoluted snake travelling throughout my hair.

That’s all there is. Check out the pictures and video below.


It really looks like there is a snake travelling on the last two pictures. Happy Holidays. xo

4c natural holiday updo 2 4c natural holiday updo 1 4c natural holiday updo 4 4c natural holiday updo 3