DIY: Copper Fall Ombre/ Balayge Irresitible Me Full Lace Wig

I’m trying to teach myself to color hair, so please bear with me and my experiments. I also thought it would be pretty cool to practice coloring wigs as opposed to bundle hair. This isn’t my natural hair, so I am not overly concerned about damaging it.

I was sent a wig to review by Irresistible me hair. It is their Full Lace Wig in 1B (Natural Black), 150% Density and 24 inches in length. The wig has comes and adjustable straps. I decided to try some color and ombre my wig. Since it’s officially fall, I went for a tangerine/copper look that mimics the leaves at they turn. I wanted a rich color that wasn’t too intense. Here’s what I did:

♥ 00:24 ♥ Combine one ‘n only Powder lightener with 20 volume developer and mix well.
♥ 00:54 ♥ Bleach medium sized sections and wrap in aluminum foil and process for 15 minutes. I typically do not use foil, but I wanted to do the correct thing for you.
♥ 01:23 ♥ Wash, condition and dry your wig before coloring. I am using three hair colors: 4CH ( Medium Chocolate Brown), 6RG ( Light Tangerine Blonde) and 8RG ( Dark Tangerine Blonde). I’m also using L’Oreal Technique Excellence HiColor HighLights Permanent highlight Cream in Copper.
♥ 01:56 ♥ Combine approximately 2 ounces of hair color and 2 quarter sizes of highlight cream with 40 volume developer. You want to use a 1:2 ratio with twice as much developer for your permanent hair color. To ensure that you have a smooth consistency, add a little bit of developer at a time as you mix.
♥ 02:12 ♥ The 4CH (Medium Chocolate Brown) hair color goes on top.
♥ 02:19 ♥ 6RG ( Dark Tangerine Blonde) goes in the middle.
♥ 02:26 ♥ 8RG ( Light Tangerine Blonde) goes on the ends.
♥ 02:37 ♥ Stroke some 8RG down the hair strands and process for 15 minutes.
♥ You’re going to follow up by cutting the lace and styling you hair. I just did soft curls, but I will do styling videos in the future.

Find the wig here:
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