3D Cubic Twist Crochet Braids Ombre Vs Highlights & Giveaway

Crochet braids have come a long way and I was looking to experiment with the new Cubic Twist hair. The hair is by Isis and it’s called the Afri-Naptural Cubic Twist Split Twist Crochet Braid hair. It’s from Elevate styles.

  Vivica A Fox Horseshoe Cormrow Cap; size medium. Afri Naptural Cubic Twist 3D Split Twist Crochet Braid from Elevate Styles. Color OM30 OM27

I was unsure of how the four strand twists would look on my head, so I opted to unravel them before making my first wig. I made a wig using the ombre hair color #OM30 because I’ve always been tempted to try ombre hair. I also had a few highlights of the color #OM27. The #OM30 color seems to start as a dark brown and end as a tangerine blonde so I thought it would be a nice color match on my dark skin. After 8 packets of hair; some of which I ended up removing, I ended up with this look.

It looks okay, but it’s a little loud for my taste. I used the Vivica A Fox cornrow express horseshoe cap with silicon to make this unit and it was a little large, so I will be using a size small instead of medium next time.

Afri Naptural Cubic Twist 3D Split Twist Crochet Braid colors #OM30 #2 unravelledhuman braiding hair

Next, I went ahead and made another wig, this time using the Freetress Premium Crochet Wig Cap by Shake-N-Go. I just installed the hair approximately 2 inches apart to avoid too much thickness. Three packets of the color #2 and one of the color #OM30 were used so that i could have highlights. The fact that the top of the #OM30 hair was dark made it blend nicley with the darker hair so there wouldn’t be a sharp contrast. I ended up with a more flattering look and a pop of color.

To install the crochet braids, just slide your latch hook through the eye of the braid, slide the hook under a section on your cap, place the end of the hair in the hook, close the latch and slide through. Bring the twists closer where you want your part and I have a full tutorial below showing you exactly how I did it.

You can also win 6 packets of this hair in my giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway

I love this hair and never anticipated that it would look so amazing bot twisted and unraveled.